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Bureaucratic Hyperrationalism

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13th March 2007

9:34pm: Mmm cheese
Oh yeah and I've been on a cheese binge for the last month. Contributes to my wine drinking real good.

Bought one of those baked brie wheels with the pastry on the outside. It was pretty good, but overwhelming. Think I'll just stick to the regular brie. Made a greek salad with feta cheese....mmmm...lots of feta....

Goat cheese (chevrie) is my most favorite of all time. And I just figured out the perfect cracker to spread it on is those stoned wheat crackers. Oh hell yeah that just does it for me.
9:27pm: I been around
Feel like it's been forever since I last posted. Sean's been bogarting the comp lately to update his port and continue his job hunt. He still has not found a job he's really interested in so if you hear of any graphic design openings, please let me know.

What have I been up to lately?
- Went to wine tasting event at Phinney Center. Fell in love with Chatter Creek's Blend 105. So this past Saturday I treked out to Woodinville and went tasting at CC and others. Found out I am completely in LOVE with all of CC's offerings. Bought only a couple of bottles cuz they are outside my normal $15 and under wine buying rule.
- I'm doing PA and costumes for a short film. Last two Sundays have been dedicated to running auditions. Totally fun, but tiring. Sounds like the director has made casting decisions so now the real work starts. It's time to shop for wardrobe.
- Attended first time homebuyer seminar. Was fairly informative. but only made me more anxious to buy a home! Too bad we have to wait til next year....
- Heading down to L.A. next week for a friend's wedding. Can't wait!

23rd February 2007

9:41pm: Off to the desert
Leaving for PHX tomorrow morning at dark-thirty. Not sure what activities are in store for us, but at least I'll get to meet new people! Will be offline til late Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone!

21st February 2007

10:06pm: Bread = good
I haven't had this much bread in one sitting in a loooooong time. I do miss it, but not the way it makes me feel so full I want to burst. Madame K's does have great pizza, and "pizza points" to dip in their amazing artichoke dip, and rosemary breadsticks to dip in their marinara sauce, and....omg carb overload. I'm sitting here like a bump on a log waiting til the full feeling goes away. ug.

productive days at work this week. Woo hoo! We're starting to ramp up for another gigantic project so the pace is definitely picking up. On top of all the usual projects I'm working on...

Heading to Phoenix this weekend. Temps should be perfect (for a cold-lover like me) and am staying in a rental vacation house with family. Get to meet new people in Sean's fam. Cool!

18th February 2007

3:45pm: weekend
Thank youninjarugrat for inviting me to see Twilight Zone last night! Had a blast. And of course bittergourdrocked as stage manager. Also thanks to ms. nina for suggesting Dreamgirls and Black bottle after sushi feast. Yay for trying new venues.

Today attended friend's post valentine's day concert. Loved the theme: Love can be great, but it can suck too, yeah. On the real! Next it's off to angie's wedding. I love evening weddings. I feel like I can dress up more (read: wear black) and drink so yay.

16th February 2007

4:22pm: Mmmm cheese!

Attended a wine and cheese tasting at the Cheese Cellar last night and it was faboo. French wines paired with French cheeses. mmmm. Even tasted some champagne. Walked away with a triple creme that's almost gone already. OMG I love cheese almost as much as I love bacon. Get on their mailing list so you too can revel in the cheesy goodness.

After the event, was still hungry so I checked out Oliver's Twist in Phinney/Greenwood. Completely shocked at how good the food was. Way too pricey, but amazingly rich. Had a lovely little plate filled with goat cheese, tomato-lavendar compote, crustini and roasted garlic. Also tried the truffle garlic popcorn. Yes, popcorn. OMG was it amazing.

And now for something completely different: It's SUSHI time!

14th February 2007

10:21pm: yes, I'm tall, but...
Why is it that clothing manufacturers (and I say manufacturers and not designers because these garments are not really designed so much as mass-produced) think that just because I'm tall that I want to wear clothes that look like they should cruise around a retirement community in a golf cart? I appreciate that Long Elegant Legs makes clothes to fit tall women, but I don't get why they have to make them look like Medicare-wear.

You know what their style reminds me of? The white trash section of the Victoria's Secret catalog. Also known as the last 8 pages or so in the clothing section. Garish colors combined with *gulp* crinkle velvet swing skirts, spandex tunics, jackets with shoulder pads, inappropriately embroidered leather, macrame belts, or some such atrocity. OMG I thought we left those back in the 80s...
10:17pm: yay for pizza delivery
Well, the pizza dough turned out more like bread dough so I scrapped the pizza idea all together and we just ordered pizza delivery. :) Romio's to the rescue! I don't know what I did wrong cuz I followed the recipe exactly, except I subbed whole wheat flour which might have been my downfall. eh, whatever.

Getting back into volunteering finally. It's been too long! Looks like I'm going to be helping out Dress for Success. Can't wait!

12th February 2007

10:37pm: v-day, etc.
Haven't posted in awhile.

Finally been healthy for about a week now. Feels soooo good!

Almost caught up on 4400 episodes AND Lost. What a sense of accomplishment. Which reminds me: Comcast f'in sucks. I want my DirecTV back! *wah*

Good bye-happy hour for coworker scheduled on V-day from 4 - 6. Um, I guess I'm the only one planning dinner with my honey. Unromantic tards.

Decided on making heart-shaped pizzas for V-day dinner. It's probably the one night of the year that I DON'T want to eat out. I hate that a lot of good restaurants make you eat from a pri-fix menu. And it's uber expensive. bah. Now I need to get the rest of his gift!

I think I might need a break from work. Been snapping at coworkers for the past week- no patience whatsoever. oddly though, been super sweet to clients. 
Current Mood: productive

3rd February 2007

8:15pm: Food prep for tomorrow
Almost done prepping for Super Bowl tomorrow. Feel like I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner or sumpin'. Jeez it's fun though. Watching Sex in the City while I chop. Ah, what a life. Tomorrow it's assemble, plate and present. Excited!

1st February 2007

4:45pm: Yay for Beth!
Congrats to my sis Beth who just landed her first full-time gig after getting her masters in social work. Woo hoo! She gets to work at the hospital she wanted and for the salary she wanted. She deserves it!

31st January 2007

4:16pm: Sick again

Ug. Sick with a cold again, for the third time in three months. Half my department is sick at work. It's like being in a daycare where the kids pass around all kinds of lovely germs. We keep passing them to each other and so someone is always sick. It's my turn again. I'm beat.

It's super annoying because before I moved to Seattle, I NEVER got colds. Migraines yes, but colds never. Now I ride public transpo, work out at a gym--all good places to pick up germs. Le sigh.

On a happier note:

Flowers I love:
- Roses
- Gerber Daisies
- Hydrangea
- Bells of Ireland
- Bird of Paradise
- Orchids 

Flowers I'm not fond of: 
- Daffodils
- Tulips
- Daisies
- Carnations

Current Mood: cranky

28th January 2007

6:26pm: Stuff and stuff
Productive day after a slow start. Drank waaaaaayyy too much last night so was paying for it all morning and early afternoon. Got over it and went house hunting with Celina. We're not ready to buy yet so I'm living through her. Lots of townhomes and houses to look at. All made me feel like a giant though cuz they're way small. Doesn't bode well for us cuz we want to stay in the city. Oh well, we'll deal with that later.

Almost done with taxes. Feels good to get that out of the way. First year I'm using Turbo Tax and so far it's pretty easy to use. Also first year I'm dealing with business taxes.

25th January 2007

8:07pm: It's cocktail time
It's finally ready. After a month of drunken, joyous testing, I've finalized my cocktail recipe featuring jalapeno-infused vodka. Now I need to come up with a name for my original concoction.

The cocktail has:
- Fresh-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice
- Vodka
- Jalapeno-infused vodka

It's a sweet drink with a spicy kick. It messes with your mind because it's refreshing, but after you finish it, your mouth is on fire and you think you've been eating spicy salsa instead of drinking. It's roughly the color of a cosmo.

Below are some suggestions for names so please weigh in on which one you like the best or offer one of your own. The "greyhound" name comes from the Greyhound drink which has plain vodka and regular grapefruit juice in it.

Also, if any of you know of an existing cocktail with these ingredients, let me know. My research didn't bring up anything.

Which name do you like the best?

Velvet Amazon
Velvet Shotgun
Hot Pink Greyhound
Pink Greyhound
Flaming Greyhound

22nd January 2007

8:34pm: Go Colts!
Was Cinderella all weekend and finally got the apartment all cleaned up. Washing floors sucks, but the result is soo soothing. Some people meditate, I clean. 

In other news, since the Colts won this weekend, I'll be planning a Super Bowl par-tee. Should be fun. Hopefully we get enough peeps to justify a pony keg.

Also planning my birthday celebration for this Friday. Happy hour is all set, but need to figure out what else I wanna do. Anyone know how the new 80s club is at CHAC? Maybe I'll hit that on Saturday night...

19th January 2007

9:41pm: Passive agressive much?
On one of my favorite writer's blogs, Steve Crescenzo's Corporate Hallucinations, someone suggested we all print these out and carry them around to hand out to annoying cell phone talkers. 

I think I'd rather just say something. Interrupting their convo is a bonus. Why be polite? 

12th January 2007

8:05pm: Vancouver by train
Off to Vancouver for the weekend since I didn't get that kickboxing role. What do you mean just cuz I have no kickboxing experience and I'm not 17 years old???!! oh well, whatever. Off to party in the north.

First time taking the train up there so it should be fun fun. Waking up early after downing much sake this evening = not fun. Should be interesting...

10th January 2007

10:28pm: Sleet vs. snow
Sleet = loud and messy. Snow = silent and elegant.

9th January 2007

9:07pm: So far so good
Ankle did well with first pilates class since injury. I feel better. Too bad one of our outside hitters sprained and broke her ankle last night. ug.

8th January 2007

7:09pm: Food Network Chefs: Scored based on how annoying they are
1 = OMG I can't stand them
5 = I can deal
10 = entertaining and fun

Michael Chiarello - 5
Giada De Laurentiis - 3
Paula Deen - 4
Alton Brown - 6
Mario Batali - 6
Rachel Ray - 3
Emeril - 2
Sandra Lee - 2 (if she says "really" again I'll puke)
Ina Garten - 4
Sara Moulton - 6

Hm. Based on how I rated them, it's a wonder I watch this network as much as I do.

6th January 2007

2:30pm: Getting started
Slow slow start to the New Year thanks to a cold that so helpfully tagged on to my ankle recovery. Finally starting to feel like myself again.

Got a much-needed massage today. It was great! Would highly recommend Shirley at the Urban Oasis Spa in Eastlake. She's very knowledgeable and asked me probing questions that none of the other massage therapists have. If you wanna try her out, you can download a 25% off coupon for your first massage on citysearch.com. She also does packages of three 60-minutes massages for $150. That's a lot less than the normal $1/minute rate.

Random: Will be auditioning to play a kickboxer in a Japanese drama show. Am furiously re-learning kickboxing basics since it's been, oh, I dunno, 6 years since I took one little class at my gym.

23rd December 2006

9:39am: Updates
Been a few days since I last posted so I'll just throw out a few updates:

- Was considering a change in career path, but it didn't pan out so I continue on the same course.
- Confessional was really fun. Kinda like a reunion of sorts since I don't get to see these peeps that often. People watching was the best part. And really good music. Had to sit down a lot because of ankle so I missed the burlesque performance. Random: Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" playing in the background. 
- Ankle: As of today, it's still swollen and as of two days ago, it started bruising. Still can't put my full weight on it. And of course not being good about staying off of it. No pain which is good.
- Went to The Big Picture for the first time last night and saw "Casino Royale." Good movie, but great venue. I love that place! Bartender makes great sidecars and they'll even deliver one to you in the middle of the movie. Superior service. Seems like a great date spot. As for the movie: No matter how much they emphasized Daniel Craig's blue eyes, he's still not hot. Sorry.
- Heading home to L.A. tomorrow morning at dark-thirty. First time I've traveled on Xmas eve. I'll bring patience and some brandy for my coffee. Maybe I'll request a wheel chair so at least I don't have to stand on my ankle.

17th December 2006

8:40pm: Immobile
Well I sprained my ankle today during my volleyball tournament. It's only been a few hours and I'm already over this not-being-able-to-walk thing. OMG my head is gonna explode.

13th December 2006

8:20pm: Graphic design jobs?

So Sean finally decided to leave his job as a graphic designer. If anyone knows of any leads for an experienced graphic designer (print and Web), please let me know!

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