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26 January
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It's all about meeting new people. I crave the intimacy of old friends, but at the same time I need the excitement of learning about someone new. There are so many unique histories walking around and I want to know them.

Besides that, I'm passionate about food (eating it, cooking it, watching it on TV), Germany (food, culture, red light districts, shopping), writing (poetry and short stories), painting (acrylic- when I'm inspired), and cats (I will cry at the sight of a kitten. No specific breed preferences, just love their independant nature).

I go through phases and I truly believe life is a cycle, so I'm currently back in the fashion modeling cycle. Started at the lanky age of 12 and then phased out in favor of more tom-boy stuff like volleyball, softball and basketball (agencies hate it when you've got bruises). Now I'm back and loving it. I'm getting more and more into the producing role of fashion shows and finding that I have some skill in this area. I get all anal about the details so I guess that means I love it.

I also have a Web site with an online portfolio and an upcoming events page that I update like crazy. Check it out: www.tallstylemodel.com